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The Truck Rest Stop

I had an earlier adventure last week where I was supposed to pull up behind a limo at a truck rest stop and just get in, sight unseen.  I did the limo, but the truck rest stop didn’t materialize.  That part has been churning around in my brain ever since.

I’d been chatting with Tommy for a while and our schedules never seemed to match.  He’s normally only available on the weekends and I’m usually never available on the weekends.  However, last night I found myself with a little free time after coming home from an event sans husband.  I texted Tommy and asked him if he would be up for meeting me at said rest stop. He was.

This is not one of those pull off the roads into a wooded parking lot stop.  No.  This is a no facilities pull off on the side of the highway stop.  As daring as I can be, it was going to have to be car sex, though.  It was dark and there was no way to be sure cops weren’t approaching.  However, it was going to be obvious to any of the truck drivers watching what was going on and that was going to have to be good enough.

Tommy pulled up behind me in a large extended cab pickup truck (excellent for car sex) and I hopped out.  I walked up to him and boy! he was way cuter in person that I thought he was going to be!  Great smile on that man!  I asked “Can I hop in?” and he said “I don’t see why not!”

I got into the back seat and Tommy joined me.  I was wearing a tank top and yoga pants and he really enjoyed the look…for about ten seconds.  The tank top came off quickly and so did my pants. (Why do I even bother picking outfits for you boys?)  Next thing I knew Tommy’s mouth was between my legs going to town.  It was suprisingly amazing.  I should really get over my aversion to doing that!

When I said to Tommy “Can I suck your cock now?” he replied, “I thought you’d never ask!” and began to take off his pants.  Out pops this beautiful cock!  I began sucking his cock, trying to get all of him into my mouth, but he was large and long.  I gave it the ol’ school try, though and it seemed Tommy was really enjoying it.

I grabbed one of my new “thin” condoms (the Magnums freaked some guys out, but Tommy could have easily used one) because it was time to get that lovely cock inside me.  I ripped open the package and…it was TINY.  How the hell was I going to get this on the man? 

Between the two of us we managed to squeeze 10 pounds of cock into a 5 pound bag, which sort of ruined the moment a bit.  I sucked on his covered cock a bit to get it moving again and turned around.  Tommy took me from behind and it was amazing.  Now, granted, you don’t have a lot of room in a car but you can do that thing I like where my pussy is up in the air, but the rest of my body is pressed to the seat.  Such a great angle to take a cock!  Especially one like Tommy’s.

He asked where he should cum and I said on my tits, so I flipped over and he took the condom off just in time to have it spray all over me.  It was pretty hot, how much cum he had.  I think even he was amazed.  We basked in the cum glow for about 30 seconds and then I put my clothes back on.  As I was getting out of the truck I told Tommy that we should do it again sometime and that I’d bring the right condoms.  I meant it!

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