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My illicit massage parlor experience

I was talking to a friend and we were discussing how it’s relatively easy for a guy to go get a massage “with extras” but nearly impossible if a girl wanted one.  (Me being that girl, of course.)  He agreed that this was patently unfair and decided to help me remedy the situation.  First he called all of the “establishments” that he knew to see if they had a “masseur” for me, but no dice.  Being the river that he is, he decided HE could be the masseur, we just needed a spot.

He made a few calls and came up with the spot.  We walked up to a small non-descript house and entered into this strange living room/business office. The manager greeted us and said that he’d reserved the “big room” (why? did I look like I needed the extra space, I wondered?) and led us to it. The manager was actually a tad annoyed with us, as it seemed a “real customer” had wanted to come when we were there, and they had to push him back an hour.  Glad to know business is booming!

From this point forward I was to call my companion “Lars, the Swedish Masseur.”   Lars handed me a beer and then told me that it was customary for the masseur to watch the client undress. So I did, first removing my jeans then my sweater, and apparently this was to Lars’ liking as he told me to lie face down on the table.

Lars began firmly rubbing my neck and shoulders, moving down to my low back, then lower until he was working my upper upper thighs (or more accurately, the area that connects the upper thighs), just barely parting my pussy lips.  It was just enough to start my juices flowing, of course, although he didn’t spend much time there at all. What a tease.

Lars then requested I flip over and that’s when he broke out the oil…massaging it into my tits with skill and precision, especially the nipples. More oil on my stomach and then lower, and lower still, until he was rubbing into my pussy, over and over again.  It was an amazing feeling.

Then he hopped up on the table and went down on me…which I can apparently say I don’t normally do as it’s becoming more and more common in these adventures!  After some time of this, I couldn’t take it anymore and said “Lars, when will the fucking start?”  Apparently my timing was perfect, as the fucking started right then.  (Now, technically it was a massage table, so no bed sex was had, for those of you who want to call foul on this.)

Then Lars said the custom was to reciprocate, so he laid face down on the table and I rubbed his neck, back, low back, butt and areas that connects the upper thighs…and then had him flip over. I spent a significant time massaging his dick, and I felt it start to grow harder in my hands.  I manipulated the head of his cock and I could feel his whole body stiffen, so I knew I was onto something.  I said “Lars, I want to you to cum for me!” and he did…and boy did he!

Then suddenly time was up and we needed to vacate the room for the next “guest.”  My impression had been that as the client I would receive all the services, instead of having a quid pro quo sort of deal…but it was an amazing first time! I forgot to tip Lars, though…is it too late?

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