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Dirty Knees and a Stack of Tires

I met Pete on Ashley Madison. His offer to me was short and sweet. “How about bent over a stack of tires at my shop?” I’d never done that, so I was sold!

I got there just after the shop closed. It was empty but he kept the bay door open and we had a clear view of the highway. Also people leaving the attached business would have a clear view of us.

As promised, there was a stack of tires, front and center!  I was literally going to be fucked bent over a stack of tires!  Awesome!  I was wearing a tshirt, no bra, and a mini-skirt, so the top had to go immediately.  Pete walked over to me, grabbed a handful of my tit and shoved it in his mouth.  His other hand lifted my skirt and he quickly found that I had no panties on.  His breath caught in his throat.  I could tell he really wanted to fuck me and that was hot!

He stroked my clit and tongued my nipples until I came.  Then I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again, I love feeling a soft cock grow hard in my mouth.  It’s almost magical.  I wanted that stiffness inside me, so I pulled out the condom and put it on his magnificent cock.  I stood up, turned around and bent over the tires.

At that moment the cops arrived…across the street.  Yes, they had picked that precise spot and time to pull over a speeding motorist!  Pete was freaked out, understandably, but I knew from where we were standing, the cops would never guess what we were doing.  In fact, they probably wouldn’t even notice us at all.  I backed up onto his cock and because I was so wet with anticipation, he slid right inside me.

Pete was fucking me so hard that the stack of tires kept inching away from me.  My legs were starting to shake from trying to hold myself up and from the pounding I was receiving from behind!  Exciting and exhausting!  I was super turned on watching the cops do their thing while I was doing mine, right across the street.  

Pete suddenly stopped and pulled out…he thought someone had come around the other side and was watching.  Stop because someone’s watching?  Hell no man, you keep going, harder and stronger when someone is watching! That’s the whole point!  I didn’t see anyone, but when he resumed, I imagined someone was there, watching, and I came, hard, all over Pete’s cock.

Then Pete came.  I found my clothes, thanked him for his time and went on my way.  I was heading to a work meeting, but fortunately I stopped for a beverage first, because Pete let me leave there with dirty knees!  The bastard!  How would I explain that at my meeting?  ”Well, you see, I was blowing this guy at his car shop and…”

Alls well that ends well!  Thanks for the fun time, Pete!

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The House Painters

I’d seen Gary, a local volunteer firefighter, a few times.  Once we did it in the firetruck, another time amongst the Christmas Trees in the lot and a third time in his garage while his kid was home sick upstairs.  (I know! I know! It was a moment of weakness…I’ll tell you that story later!)

I was bored and horny and texted Gary, wondering if he was around.  He said that he was just about to go help his buddy paint a house, did I want to come along and entertain them?  Totally!

I arrive to find them painting the front porch.  The house is set back a bit, but on a very busy road.  If anyone looked and saw, they’d be moving too fast to really register what was going on.  (Did I just see what I think I saw?)  So public, but not “immediate risk of the neighbors calling the cops public.”  I got out of the car and took my dress off.  What a rush!  Standing in some strangers front yard, naked, while two men stood right in front of me.  Men who wanted to fuck me.

Gary’s buddy, whose house it was, ran inside and grabbed his camera and took some pictures…first just of me.  Kim holding a paint roller!  Kim pretending to paint a wall!  Kim pretending to paint herself!  It was fun, but we clearly needed more action.  Then I said, why don’t you take some pictures of Gary fucking me?  Who would say no to that?

The excitement of having a cock slide into me in a public place is immense, thinking that someone might be watching.  I literally get wet at the thought of it.  Multiply that by 1 million for the rush I got having someone else not only watching but taking pictures!!  WWOOOWW!!!  Gary took me front behind, over the railing of the porch and then flipped me over and did it “missionary style” on the floor.  It’s not often I get to do that position in my adventures!  Sort of a thrill!

Gary’s friend was taking pictures with one hand and had the other on his cock.  It was making me so wet to see how turned on he was.  So after Gary came, he took the camera and let his friend have a turn with me.  There I was, on the porch of this guy’s house, with him going down on me while his friend, who moments before had his cock balls deep inside me, took pictures.  God, I still masturbate thinking about that afternoon!

Not your typical Tuesday afternoon!  I would LOVE to do something like that again, so boys, if you’re painting a house again, hit me up! ;-)

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Fancy meeting you here…

I was finished with my meetings for the day, but not yet ready to go home, so I stopped at a hotel bar to catch up on email and finish a presentation I’m working on.  

Hotel bars are a great spot to get some work done.  They are usually mostly empty during the day and since I’m not taking the seat of a paying customer, I can usually get away with sitting for a few hours and only having one or two drinks.  The bartender, a woman, seemed to like me, which is important when you’re dressed like a slut.

I worked for probably almost two hours when a man walked in and asked if he could join me.  Sure! Why not?  I continued to work and he started up a conversation.  Turns out he is someone that I’ve been emailing with for years, but we’ve never been able to connect. 

He asked if I was wearing panties, so I showed him that I wasn’t.  He remarked that there was no one in the bar, so I took out a tit to show him.  He asked to suck it, and of course I agreed.  There I am, at the bar, tit out, man’s mouth attached to it.  This work day has just improved markedly!

We finish our drinks and he asks if I want to hit the men’s room with him.  So he heads off and I follow him to the last stall.  I walk in the stall and he turns me around away from him, lifting my skirt and feeling up my ass with one hand and grabbing a handful of tit with the other hand.  

He tells me how sexy I am and that I was worth the wait…honey, you don’t even know yet how worth the wait I am!  He turns me around again, plants his mouth on my tit and slides a finger inside me, gently rubbing my clit.  Even though he’s read this blog, he’s still surprised at how wet I am.  He wants to taste me, so he drops to his knees, he starts going down on me.  Between his tongue and finger, he brings me to orgasm, surprisingly quickly.  

At this point, it’s his turn, so I take him in my mouth and start sucking his cock.  It’s a very nice cock, hard and smooth.  I can’t tell if he just wants a blow job or is up for fucking too, so I keep sucking as if to make him cum.  His balls in my hand as I take him deeper down my throat, I can tell he’s enjoying it.  He stops me and says that there’s no way he’s not fucking me,and of course, that’s my favorite part!

I take out the condom and am about to put it on him when someone enters the bathroom.  He quietly takes the condom out of the wrapper and slides it on.  I turn around and bend forward and he slowly enters me from behind.  Fucking me so quietly and slowly until we hear our new friend flush, wash and leave.  

That’s when he really went to down.  Apparently he likes it loud because he talked during the entire time…”Kim…Yeah Kim…Fuck Kim…”  Now, in non-public situations I love dirty talk. I love to hear how you love fucking me and what your cock is going to do to me…but in public, I like to keep it on the down low.  So I was caught between being turned on my what he was saying and nervous that it was going to get us caught!  Pretty hot!

He fucked me hard and long (for a public sex adventure) and then came.  It was very enjoyable.  We redressed and went our separate ways.

Thanks Buddy! You saved my boring work day!

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Jack and I met on AdulfFriendFinder and hit it off.  We decided to meet at the local TGI Friday’s for a drink today to see what would happen.

I showed up in a short dress, no panties, no bra and sat next to Jack at the bar.  He looked me up and down and I lifted the skirt to show him what I wasn’t wearing.  He gulped.  I told him he could touch me.

Jack reached over and slid a finger in to me.  ”You’re so wet,” he said, as if he thought this wasn’t intoxicatingly erotic for me.  The bartender walked over and asked for my drink order, but Jack didn’t flinch, he just kept gently caressing my clit.

Jack asked if I would ever cum being fingered at the bar and I said “rarely.”  He apparently took that as a challenge.  The good thing about Jack is that he was gentle enough to not injure the beautiful, delicate clit, but persistent enough to make it happen.

Yes, it’s true…I had a full on orgasm right there in the middle of the Friday’s bar!  Wow!  Thank you Jack!  Hope to see you again soon!

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thbthehotnessblog asked: It's starting to become a personal challenge for me ... how do I come up with something Kim wants to do in public that she hasn't done before (or at least recently or as well as I'd do it)? I've searched every craigslist in Jersey trying to get lucky and find one of your posts but frankly without a tiny bit of travel on your part (I'm just shy of Cenrtal PA) and some on mine I'm not sure how possible it will be anyway. Still, I'm in SE PA tomorrow by the NJ, DE border... should we brainstorm?

I love a man who loves a challenge!  I’m interested to hear what you come up with. 

That said, wee could brainstorm, but I don’t go to PA/DE, and I’m not available at all for play tomorrow. 

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Questions from Anon

Kim, I would love to fuck you nice and hard in any location of your choice ;)

Aww, that’s so sweet!  However, unless you’re responding to my Craigslist ads, in order to fuck me nice and hard, you need to find the location.

First off Happy Mother’s Day. if you aren’t doing anything I got something special for you if u wanna have it…we could meet? I would love to see ur body in person.

While I am not a mother, I do have one, so I spent my day with her.  (Who knew Kim had a mother!??) While very considerate of you to get something special for me, since you’re Anon, I’m not sure how you planned to give it to me. 

Is there any where new you would like to fuck? I could maybe be of some help with that.

It sounds sort of slutty to say, but perhaps I’ve already fucked in all of the good locations?  Really, I’m looking for a guy who can come up with an excellent and creative location that doesn’t have kids, isn’t going to get me arrested and is physically possible.  Can you help with that?

Where do you usually like to go on a regular day? Maybe if I recognize you, we can do something spontaneous.

First, if I’m telling you where I am and when I’ll be there and you show up planning to fuck me, that’s not really spontaneous.  Second, are you saying you’re THAT bad of a stalker that you need a Kim Schedule? You need to up your game, my friend.

Would you care to work with a professional photographer?

I do get this question often.  I’m not sure…I’m more of a spontaneous, “quick, get naked, take the picture, now run!” kind of girl.  I wouldn’t say no outright, but the situation would have to be “Kim In Public” friendly.  Ideally, as well, I’d want to fuck the photographer too, obviously.

What were some of the nicest cocks you’ve had?

It’s interesting you ask this, someone recently asked me to compare the two cocks of men I’d recently fucked.  I don’t spend an excessive amount of time with the cocks I see, so I don’t necessarily have their dimensions memorized.  That said, I have a few “go to” fantasies that I use for Kim’s Alone Time, so those probably count.  Not sure if this one ever made it to the blog, but there was one guy I met at a park and we fucked in the cab of his truck while people walked by oblivious.  His cock was wonderful.  Of course there’s Steven from Applebee’s…his is an All Time Favorite.  Recently, I’d say Scott, Mike and Bob all had wonderful cocks as well, but maybe that’s because theirs are fresh in my mind.  Obviously, if you’re someone I fucked, Anon, yours was nice as well.

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twitchingformore asked: I have no questions. Just wanted to say that I love how honest you are. I read some of your asks and guys construct these porn inspired fairytales in their heads without thinking about the logistics of female desire. Like, hey sand in your v-jay-jay hurts, and wearing simple clamps for hours aint gonna turn me on! I love it! Keep up the good work lovely!

Well thanks for the compliment! 

I like to think of my blog as both entertaining and educational! 

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kkroggy asked: I'm all about "Ladies First". Your pleasure is more important than mine. I'm thinking a remote controlled vibrator while sitting in the diner. Every time the waitress comes by I turn it on high! And maybe even some vibrating nipple clamps. You getting so turned on that you pull me into the bathroom where I finger and lick you until you cum at least three times, then I fuck you while giving your tits a good squeezing. Too kinky?

Have you ever worn nipple clamps?  They are NOT comfortable!

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Anonymous asked: Kim how do you feel about blowing multiple random guys at a Jersey truck stop?

All at the same time or one at a time?  I’m not really good with multiples simultaneously (you all don’t keep the same rhythm and it messes a girl up when one guy is going one speed and the other is going faster/slower!)

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edfrank1 asked: Kim, Do you ever go to Gunnison Beach? I am thinking that early in the season it can be crowded but not too crowded, I would get a wind breaker and tent and you could stop by for a chat. It is in the open and yet can be a bit private? Ed

I do go to Gunnison beach, but sex on the beach is a great drink, but less awesome in real life.  Sand in areas you don’t want sand in…yikes!