Kim, in public

for all to see

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Anonymous asked: Kim how do you feel about blowing multiple random guys at a Jersey truck stop?

All at the same time or one at a time?  I’m not really good with multiples simultaneously (you all don’t keep the same rhythm and it messes a girl up when one guy is going one speed and the other is going faster/slower!)

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edfrank1 asked: Kim, Do you ever go to Gunnison Beach? I am thinking that early in the season it can be crowded but not too crowded, I would get a wind breaker and tent and you could stop by for a chat. It is in the open and yet can be a bit private? Ed

I do go to Gunnison beach, but sex on the beach is a great drink, but less awesome in real life.  Sand in areas you don’t want sand in…yikes!

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Anonymous asked: I know a great theater to play in Monmouth County. It's very old school and dark. Up for a matinee?

Too dark means it’s not public…I don’t want to get arrested, but if there’s NO chance anyone could see, that sort of loses its appeal to me.

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Anonymous asked: Hey I'd like to please you in my restaurant after closing or before opening on a table in a big window I'd like to lick my homemade tiramisu off your perfect tits and clit maybe with few drops of champagne And more that is Soo dirty I can't write down Are you down? Or doggie? Lol

I’d love it if you licked tiramisu off my tits and clit!  That would be amazing!  (Ideally we’d have a photographer because I think that would be some amazing shots!)

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Anonymous asked: Hi Kim , i have been a huge fan of yours and have followed you for a long time , i started following you on BestGfe then twitter and this blog. I would love to meet you and live out one of your sexy adventures , but i can't think of anything exciting or new that you haven't done . But i did visit Delialahs Den in Toms River not long ago and i was in the VIP with a hot buxom blonde named Alex and for a good tip everything is on the table !!! I did ask her if i could bring a girl next time !!

If you’ve been following me, then you know unless the buxom blonde Alex is a guy (which would be weird), I’m probably not into it.  I prefer the dudes, you know.

That said, for a generous tip, she might let us do it and she can just take a nap or something.

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Do men not travel without women on the weekends? There is no one here to gently roll my nipple between his teeth!