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Questions from Anon

As usual, I’ve let the questions from Anon pile up…so here I go…

I’m a big fan of your blog. I don’t think I’m that far from you and it would be exxxtremely exxxciting to share a Kim in public exxxperience with you. Is that a possibility?

Anything is possible.  However, your writing with the exxxtra x’s is sort of a turn off.

Seriously, you should try Crown condoms. They are literally the closest I have ever come to nothing. They are incredibly durable (I have never had one break in almost 5 years of regular use), are really cheap, and pink. Bonus fun fact: These are the condoms you usually see in porn.

Do you get a commission? Where does one find Crown condoms?

Hi Kim, Do you know if any of these guys are married? Does it matter? Does it make it better? You are inspiring my inner slut with this blog! lol Thanks Kerri

Kerri, I’m glad to be insipiring your inner sex goddess (let’s not use the word slut).  As for the guys, it doesn’t really matter to me, but I will say the ones who have someone to go home to rarely stalk me afterwards.

What makes a man attractive to you?

Diferent things.  Generally I like them tall, but not too tall.  Big, but not too big.  Not really young, but not really older than me either. But more than anything, a great personality trumps everything else.  If you’re a dick online, I’m not going to dig you and I’m not going to meet you.  As a reminder, though, I don’t meet everyone I talk to and I don’t fuck everyone I meet.

Would you ever hook up w/ a little person?  

See the answer to the above question.

Do you have any pics of your adventures online?


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Anonymous asked: I LOVE your blog. My boyfriend and I love public sex, so it gives me such great ideas. At our prom last year, I sucked him off in the photobooth. Pretty risky eh?

Photobooth sex!!?!?!  Why didn’t I think of that!!??!!  Brilliant!

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Michael Can’t Come, Part One

(This is not a real adventure, yet…)

I met Michael online.  We’d gotten into a conversation about the longest we’d ever gone without orgasming.  Michael had been on a ten day vacation with family and no privacy.  He told me that when he got home and was able to take care of business the orgasm was so intense.  That got me to thinking and an idea was born.

Michael and I came up with a plan where we’d meet three times during the week and I’d get mine, but he couldn’t get his until the last meeting.  A whole week without cumming, with or without me.  Michael said it was going to be a difficult challenge, but the result would be worth it.

Our first meeting as at a local bar.  I’d never met Michael before, but I was very pleased to see he was a very attractive man!  I was wearing a short skirt and a blouse, Michael was in jeans (no belt!) and a button down.  We grabbed seats at the bar where Michael could see that I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties.  It was nearly impossible to hold on a conversation, with us both thinking of what was going to happen (or not happen, in Michael’s case) next.  By the time our glasses were empty we were both raring to go.

I leaned over, giving Michael an excellent view down my blouse, and whispered to him “Give me a minute head start and then meet me at the men’s room.  Knock twice, then once and I’ll let you in.”

I’d chosen this particular bar for it’s discreet, single stall men’s room.  I’d just barely gotten my top off when I heard two knocks, then one at the door.  I opened the door enough for him to get through and he locked it behind him.  Michael took one look at me and said “Wow, I might cum right here!”  That wasn’t in the cards, so I took his hand and placed it on my tit.  He tightened his grip and his mouth found the other one.  I was getting so turned on by the way he handled them that I dropped to my knees and to take his cock out.

Now, I know I’ve been accused of being a size queen, but I was impressed by the bulge in his pants.  I unzipped and the monster sprang out directly in my face.  I took him in my mouth and felt it stiffen as I swirled my tongue around it.  It was almost too much for me to handle, so I didn’t know how Michael was maintaining his composure. 

I took the condom out of my pocket and as I put it on Michael’s cock, I looked into his eyes and said “You’re going to fuck me until you think you might cum and then pull out.  You’ll finger me until I do cum and then I’ll leave.”  Michael barely nodded.  I hiked my skirt over my ass and turned around.  His cock slid into me easily I was so wet from the excitement, but he didn’t move.  “I am so turned on, I don’t think I can do this.”  We were just standing there with his cock buried deep inside me, not moving. I thought he was going to bail on me when there was a loud knock on the door.  “We…uh…someone’s in here!” Michael said.

It was just enough to distract him.  Michael thrusted inside of me a few times, then stopped, then thrusted again, then stopped.  I thought I was going to get it again, when he quickly pulled out and started fingering me.  I was so turned on thinking that he had to stop because he was so close himself that it put me over the edge.  I came and pulled away.  I put on my top, straightened my skirt and walked out of the men’s room.

Michael, looking forward to our next meeting…just make sure you don’t take care of business yet!  I promise to make it worth your while!

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about men saying degrading things like suck my cock you fucking slut or calling the girl a dirty whore while fucking?

Why would you want to degrade someone? I don’t personally get it myself.  “Suck my cock” could be good in the right situation, but “fucking slut” and “dirty whore,” no.  Why am I a slut or whore for having the same sex as the guy I’m with?  Boggles my mind.

However, because society has made this “slut shaming” thing so prevalent, I’m in control when it comes to sex.  I get to choose who I fuck and who I don’t.  This afternoon I can 100% find a new person to fuck if I wanted to.  And if I go out to a bar tonight, I can 100% find a new person to fuck.  A man cannot make those claims, and that’s the position you’ve put yourselves in. Make someone feel dirty for loving and wanting sex and they will not love or want sex.  It’s pretty simple.

There is not a finite amount of sex in the world…you cannot use it all up. 

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Anonymous asked: My girlfriends and i all read your tumblr together in our dorm! How big was the biggest dick you've ever had? My roomate's bf is 9 inches and she and i are talking about blowing him together! We love your blog xoxoxo

I say Kudos to your roommate…9 inches is nothing to sneeze at!  When I was in college I dated a 6’4 basketball player, he was ridiculously huge.  I could barely have sex with him, the poor guy. 

The good news about a dick that big is that it will be easy for you both to blow him, it must be exhausting for your roommate when she has to do it herself!

Thanks for the positive message, it’s a nice change from some of the recent Anon’s I’ve been hearing from.  I’ll dedicate my next “big dick story” to you all!

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Sometimes Spam is Good…

I got a spam message from Chris the other day.  I sent a somewhat sarcastic message in reply and we got to talking.  I just happened to be working near the “Secret Back Room” where we had met.  I asked if he wanted to meet and he said he did. 

Of course, my work got in the way…he was waiting for me, then said he was leaving as I said I was on my way.  I thought he actually left, but he got my message and decided to wait.  I headed home (north) and then he was heading home (south) when I pulled over and told him where I was.  McDonald’s parking lot.  He turned around and met me.

Well, this was a VERY wide open parking lot.   Chris got into my car and I asked him to take out his cock.  I took him in my mouth and he started getting hard as I sucked him.  He reached around, slid up my dress and began to finger me from behind.  Chris is really good at that.  However, the fact that we were so exposed was freaking him out a bit, so we took a ride around the block.

Turns out we were at Tiffany’s, a cool little restaurant and bar that I’ve been meeting a new girl friend (just friends!) at for drinks.  I pulled into the back lot and resumed sucking Chris’ cock.  I really really really wanted to fuck him, but I knew he needed to get home and there wasn’t really an ideal location where we were.  So I kept sucking until I heard him moan, “I’m going to cum!”  I watched his cum spew out of his cock, I cleaned him up and then drove him back to his car.

Thanks Chris, I’m going to want to do the across the street adventure some day too!

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Dear Anon,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy.  I know, I know, you didn’t SAY those words, but why else would you send a message to me that’s so negative and hateful?  I’m pretty sure you don’t actually know me, so it’s obviously not me you’re railing against.

If you want to give me your email address next time, I’d be happy to help you figure out why you’re only happy when you lash out at others you don’t know and can’t respond directly to you.  I think it’s pretty common, I’m sure if I Google it I could find some excellent self help books for you.

Or, you could just talk to the person who is really making you sad and get to the bottom of this whole mess once and for all.  I think you’d feel much better afterwards! (I have a minor in Psychology, so I know these things.)

Just remember, Anon, I’m here for you if you want to talk. 



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The Strip Club

While I was on my date with Mick, I texted Jay.  I told him I was “bringing a friend” that he would like.  I had previously almost met up with both of them for a mfm in a public restroom, so Jay knew Mick.

When we showed up at the strip club, Jay saw Mick and started laughing.  The three of us went in to a completely empty club and sat down.  Of course all of the dancers made a beeline for Jay, he just has the look of a guy who enjoys a good dance!  One after another Jay placed the dollar bill between the girls’ tits so they could take it away. 

Mick took his leave and Jay and I were alone in the club.  Well, not entirely alone.  There was a very large older gentleman getting a lap dance as well.  Oh man.  Anyway, Jay looked at me and said “time to go?” and it was.  So we got up and headed to the men’s room.  We hit the stall and I went for Jay’s pants.  They were DRAWSTRING! That’s the opposite of having a belt! Good job.

I dropped to my knees and had just taken Jay in my mouth when the mens’ room door opened and man started pounding on the stall.  “Man, you alone in there?”  I nudged Jay to answer and he replied “Yes.”  The guy left.  Uh oh.  Busted.

I got up to leave and Jay was undoing the string on his pants again.  What?  We had to run, we got caught!! We can’t stay!  Jay just shrugged at me as if so say “What do we have to lose?” but I couldn’t do it.  Gotta live to fuck another day.

We left the men’s room and walked out, trying to seem innocent.  The only two people in the club walking out of the men’s room, straight to the front door.  I was so nervous!  We’d barely gotten out the door when the same guy yelled out the door “Next time we’ll call the police! There are plenty of motels around here!”  THAT would have been hard to explain…we would have had to call Mick to bail us out!

Clearly we couldn’t stay, not even in the parking lot, so we headed to a nearby Fridays.  (It’s no Applebee’s but it has potential!)  We shared a drink at the bar and I showed Jay what was under my dress.  He got up to go the men’s room, and I figured he was just checking it out for us. 

A moment later I got a text, “waiting for u”…so I got up and headed for the restroom.  I found Jay in the stall waiting for me.  I stepped in and removed my dress.  This time I got to suck on his beautiful cock uninterrupted, completely naked.  I loved feeling it get hard in my mouth, such an amazing feeling.  For once, though, I didn’t get a chance to ask if we’d fuck…just as the thought crossed my mind Jay was pulling a condom out of his pocket.

He slid the condom on his fabulous cock and then slid it into me.  It was an amazing feeling having him take me from behind like that.  Considering we were in public, he went pretty long.  Long enough that was starting to worry that we were pushing our luck again.  Oh, not that I wasn’t enjoying it, I was…it’s just the threat of cops was still on my mind.

Jay finally came.  Feeling thoroughly satisfied and I put my dress back on and left.  Jay, I look forward to seeing you again! Thanks for being a good sport when I brought Mick to our date.  I think we should “double date” again soon!

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Starting the Week off with a Bang

I’d been trying to get together with Mick for some time.  As is usually the case with me, my work schedule kept getting in the way.  Fortunately for me, Mick was persistent and we were able to get together on Monday.

We met up at a restaurant that had a large bar.  We chose the far corner so that when I was facing Mick, he could see that I was not wearing panties under my dress.  I think he approved.  We were enjoying some conversation over some very delicious sangria when I had to take a work call.  Apparently Mick found that boring, so he entertained himself by reaching under my dress and playing with me while I tried to talk!  It was very very very distracting, but I have to say, there was no way I was going to stop him.

After I finished my call, I asked to return the favor and Mick took his cock out of his pants. Happy to report that Mick did not wear a belt (thank you!).  I love how men’s underwear are made so that I can get to a cock so easily without a guy removing his pants!  I reached over and took his cock in my hand and started to stroke.  Yes, I was going to enjoy Mick!

Mick took another turn with me and it felt so amazing that I forgot I was sitting at a bar with people around.  I must have had my “oh, yes!” look on as I was suddenly reminded we were not alone when I caught the totally disgusted face of the woman at the other end of the bar.  Honey, I am very sorry that your lunch companion was just there for turkey club on rye.   I was clearly enjoying my lunch hour way more than she was.  If I was a more giving person, I might have sent Mick over to give her a little pleasure.  However, what he was doing between my legs was amazing (was that your thumb? very nice!) and I was not in the mood to share.

We paid the bill and went outside.  We barely made it out the door when Mick grabbed my tit from behind with one hand and slid the other up my dress.  We hopped into his truck and went right to it.  Now, normally, I’m not so much for the truck sex, but this was a pretty open lot we were in, at the intersection of two roads.  I felt very exposed and thus very turned on.

Mick slid his seat back so I could reach over and take him in my mouth.  Lovely cock and very lovely balls.  As I was sliding my mouth up and down his shaft, he was fingering me from behind.  He was getting so hard in my mouth, but before I could even ask him if we could fuck he had the condom out.  Once it was on, I climbed over and lowered myself onto his cock.

Mick felt awesome inside me and the look on his face while he was thrusting into me turned me on like crazy.  Mick came and I stayed on for a little longer, it felt good.  I dismounted and got into my car to follow Mick to the strip club where my next adventure was going to be!

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