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Questions from Anon

I’ve been adventure free for a few weeks, but I didn’t want you all to think I forgot about you.  Some of the questions reminded me of some past stories I can tell you in the meantime.  Anyway, here are Anon’s questions, answered:

Hey kim,  you ever been fucked in water? I was thinking to do some fun where the Boonton falls are.

I have…I’m not sure that I’d be into the Falls thing, though.  In movies that always works so perfectly, but if you’ve ever just tried to walk across falls with the proper footwear, you know that it’s pretty slippery.  Not exactly the traction you need to really get some fucking going ont.

Or sex at a very crowded concert?

This is one I’d love to do, but I also am aware that unless it’s a concert where I’m practically the only woman there, that’s also a recipe for “getting caught.”  If it could happen in a way where only people who wanted to see would see, I’d do that one in a heartbeat.   

How about sex in a model home walk through? One where there are not many people there and we ask to look around a bit “just seeing what’s out there” and doing a quickie?

I get this one a lot.  I’m not sure how I feel about this one…it would have to be in the model home’s bathroom or rec room, because you know I don’t do bed sex.

Where have you been? And when will business bring you to south Florida

South Florida is probably lovely this time of year…but my business doesn’t really take me there. 

What is the youngest age you fucked?

I’ve answered this a million times.  Okay, only once, but I’ve been asked it a million times.  Doesn’t the “youngest age I’ve fucked” make a difference based on how old I was at the time?  So, in effect, isn’t this a ridiculous question?

You like black dick?

I’ve answered this one too.  Do I like it?  What make is likeable other than it being black?  Does it have a nice personality?  Will it walk an old lady across the street?  There are so many variables!

My buddy owns a pick-up with a deep bed. He’d be willing to lend it to me and I’d be willing to let someone you trust drive it around town while I get us naked and suck on those beautiful breasts and fuck you in the back.

I think that’s another one that probably sounds much better in your head than in reality.  When I was in college I met a guy that I “really liked.”  (This was back when I thought you could fuck a guy that liked you because he’d call you the next day…lol…cute, right?)  Anyway, his friend had a VAN with a MATTRESS in the back, and he drove around while we fucked.  I got a little motion sick and threw up.  No Bueno.

That’s it!!! I can’t take it anymore. Your stories get me so hard that I’m sore from keeping it in my pants for so long!!! Could really use a little help here ;-)

Okay, okay, I’ll write more stories!  I have some in the vault that haven’t been published yet from my younger days! What? Not what you meant?  ;-)

Hi Kim LOVE the blog!! So I’m on the tail end of my vacation and I’m in the hotel basement where the laundry room is located and I couldn’t help but think of an awesome fantasy (to me at least). I noticed the corner of this particular laundry room that would be perfect to have my way with someone. It’s just hidden enough so that no one could see but it’s in the open enough that someone could see if in the right spot. Any chance you could help me fluff my laundry when I’m back?

Sex in the laundry room of the hotel’s basement?  That’s a new one!  Could we multi-task?  I’ll get a load done while you get a load off?

As a lifelong pervert, I’ve developed a cum fetish. Do you remember the biggest load you’ve ever fucked or sucked out of a man? Where did it go? Please tell us!

I guess I more notice when it’s not a huge load…but there’s this one guy that I’ve met a few times that when he cums on my tits he cums for the longest time.  There’s cum everywhere, and when I rub it all over my tits, it’s a nice thick layer that takes forever to dry! 

I answered a CL post, and I was wondering if it was in fact you. I made a belt reference and the person who placed the and said I knew who she was. That sounds like you but it never went anywhere from there. Did I miss out once again?

Probably…if you made a belt reference to me and I didn’t respond it’s either because it wasn’t my CL ad or because your idea wasn’t something I was interested in.  You’ll have to remind me what you said.

Kim your blog is awesome, as are your tits & pictures. However I keep finding myself wanting to HEAR you fuck ‘n suck ‘n talk dirty! Ever think of getting one of those eye masks and handing your phone over to some of the many men you blow so you could start an anonymous video library? Keep up the good work making my dick hard!

Videos are more difficult…it’s harder to ensure that my face isn’t completely shown and to keep the small shred of anonymity that I think I have.

Hi Kim, since I started following your blog, my creative juices (sorry for the obvious euphemism) have been erupting (sorry again!). This is a little risky, and would have to be a real quickie, but I think it’s possible to get something done in a place like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Some of those stores are huge and virtually empty during non-peak hours. I’m guessing we could find a lonely corner of the store and do something yummy.

I get this a lot…I imagine men walking up and down the aisles in Lowe’s thinking “Could I fuck Kim here?  Or here?”  Kinda turns me on!

Hey there Kim, you got a great blog but i was wondering how can i meet u at a spot so we can add our own encounter? 

Meet me on the corner of Spring and Main, tonight at 7.

Have you ever considered a hospital for public adventure? Most have empty patient rooms and although they have windows on the doors, they are conveniently equipped with the curtain that wraps around the bed for private “examinations”. And in the OB/GYN ward I’m sure there are exam rooms equipped with those darling leg spreading stirrups.

Sounds risky and yet sanitary!  I like it!

Kim, you’ve probably done this or have been asked many times, but would you ever consider having sex on a golf course? I’ve done this before with an old GF and it was a blast. Literally! It’s a chance to do it in Mother Nature but without the safety hazards and isolation being in the woods or on a hiking trail because there’s sure to be people in the vicinity, which of course adds to the thrill. Almost all course have at least a couple areas that are just private enough.

I do get this one a lot…I worry about this.  I think people rich enough to be on golf clubs probably don’t like having strangers fucking on their lawn.  I’m mostly concerned that they’ll call the po-po and we’ll end up in the slammer.

I know you hate to see us guys more than once (unless we’re a real cocksmith!) Macy’s coat section was fun…but I just can’t stop thinking of meeting at a cemetery. The thought of fucking you over a headstone is mortifyingly hot! ;-) I want to finger your pussy till you explode in the middle of that wide open field.


I’ve thought of a fantasy (for me, anyway). You know the public address systems in supermarkets? I’d love for us to sneak into the office with the microphone, put you on your knees, put the mic right next to you and then let all the shoppers hear you giving me the wettest, slurpiest cocksucking you could muster. The big finish would be me moaning and you telling me to cum all over your tits. Then we’d run (and fuck in the car).

Ummm…ew?  Let me give you a hint…public sex isn’t about being loud, it’s about getting it done before you get caught.  SOOOO…that really means that I don’t do slurpy cocksucking.  Sorry.

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Ok but what about Kyle?

I feel bad that I made you wait for the Kyle story. It’s pretty anti-climactic. And another example of boys not playing nicely with Kim.

Kyle got up the nerve to speak to me and I spared us both the awkward conversation by just getting right to it. He was pretty nervous, almost like he wanted to be anywhere but in my mouth.

Since this was the end of my night and I’d already had the most amazing adventure possible, I was sort of losing my interest as well. Maybe Kyle sensed that, and decided to kick it up a notch. He was thrusting into my mouth, which was pretty good, I was getting back into it because he was into it.

Then he got TOO into it. (I know, this has been a bad trip for me.) He grabbed the back of my head by my hair and started fucking my face, almost violently. I’m not so much into the whole hair grabbing/you’re my sub shit, so I pulled back. I told him to stop that and then went back to it.

He grabbed my hair again and started back up with the face fucking immediately. Ugh. Listen, I enjoy sex, fucking, blowjobs, titty fucking, almost all of it. I have fun, just like the guys have fun. That doesn’t mean you can “use” me, that doesn’t mean I’m an inanimate hole for you to unload into. We do things that we are both into, or we do nothing. Kyle was getting nothing.

I pulled off him and walked away. So totally uncool Kyle. This is why, sometimes, I stop meeting. We’re all adults here, can’t we just play together without someone pulling a power trip?

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That New Car (Sex) Smell

Turns out I’m a good luck charm.  Both Greg and Toby wound up being too busy selling cars to people to fuck me, so after my oil was changed, I left.  Not to be defeated, I told Greg to text me when he was done and to give my number to Toby. I was going to get laid if it killed me.

So, I headed to Applebee’s.  If there’s one thing I can count on in life it is that there is always someone to fuck at an Applebee’s.  If Greg or Toby couldn’t come through, I’d likely meet some candidate at the bar.

I sat down, ordered my wine and a salad then started texting with Greg and a few other hopefuls.  By my second glass of wine, Toby called me to see if I was still out.  I told him I was at Applebee’s and he should come by.  That’s when I noticed Tom sitting next to me.  

Tom made a comment about the man sitting on the other side of him who was having a VERY loud, but very inane, conversation.  I told Tom to move over a seat and sit closer to me, to minimize the effects of the loud talker.  He did, however, since he’d insinuated he didn’t want to talk, based on the other guy, I didn’t engage him in conversation.

Apparently, though, it was just Loud Talker that Tom didn’t want to chat with.  He started up a conversation with me and we wound up talking about work, travel, kids, all kinds of things.  We were deep into our conversation when Toby showed up at the bar.

Being a total gentleman (and clearly NOT a cock blocker), Toby noticed I was deep in flirt mode with Tom and took a seat at the other end of the bar.  Impressive.  Conversation with Tom switched to where we lived and we started showing pictures we had on our phones.

Tom said “what else you got pictures of?” and I replied, “just some naked pictures of me.”  He was doubtful until I pulled them up.  He then looked at me and said “so, I guess we’re going back to my hotel?”  I said I would, even though Toby was there.  Maybe I could quick fuck Toby and then head over to the hotel?  Go to the hotel then find Toby?  I was sure the details would sort themselves out.

Tom said he had to make a phone call (to the wife, I assume) and that he’d meet me in the lobby of his hotel.  I agreed to that and as he walked out the door, Toby came and sat next to me.  He had not lost that “wolf about to eat sheep” look, but that was totally turning me on.

I asked Toby if he wanted to slip off to the men’s room, but he said he had a better idea.  He wanted to go back to the car lot and fuck in one of the new Escalades.  I was down, so we paid for our drinks and headed over to the lot.

Minutes later I was in the backseat of a brand new car, sucking the life out of Toby’s very large cock.  Not all cocks feel the same way when they get hard, Toby’s felt…strong…not sure how to describe it otherwise.  I knew I needed that hard, strong cock inside me.

I took the condom out of the wrapper and slid it on him.  He’d been sitting on the back seat and I was sitting on the floor in front of him.  (If you’ve been in one of these cars, you’d understand how much room there is!)  I leaned over to the front seat and Toby started fucking me from behind, hard and fast.  Honestly, at one point I thought I might shoot out through the windshield he was going at me so hard!

That’s when the guy who delivers the new cars showed up.  He pulled up with his truck virtually right in front of us, and Toby panicked.  Panicking is generally bad for maintaining an erection, so the mood was blown.  When the guy moved on to another part of the parking lot, it was clear we’d need another condom.  

We left the Escalade and headed to his car.  Somehow, he’d gotten fully dressed and I was still buck naked.  I grabbed my backup condom and took Toby in my mouth to get him hard again.  When he was ready, the condom went on and we picked up where we left off.  

This is where it gets weird.  Toby’s a sneaky guy, who wanted to fuck bareback.  I know, there’s the weird gray area where I’ll suck an uncovered cock, but not let one in my pussy.  We all have rules.  Anyway, I could feel Toby’s hand on the base of his cock and while he was thrusting, it seemed like maybe he was going to take the condom off.  I turned around just in time to see him remove it.

Mother Fucker!  What is it with men trying to put their cum in me uninvited these days?  That blew the mood for me.  Also, i was pretty sure that even though we were alone, or so it seemed, I’d heard the sound of a digital camera turning on.  I couldn’t see anyone that would be taking pictures, but I heard it nonetheless.  (If you know who took the pictures, obviously, I want to see them!)

I didn’t have any more condoms and he wasn’t going to fuck me bareback, so I considered the date finished.  I was way too tired to even think about Tom, so Tom, if you’re reading this, I am so sorry.  I’ll get you next time, I promise.

Ah, the life of an exhibitionist slut, eh?

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Anonymous asked: I'm a figure model for artists and art classes. Would you ever consider posing at a figure drawing session with me?

Definitely!  That sounds like fun…although I don’t know if I could be naked in a room full of people and not want to fuck someone!

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My Oil Change (so far)

I posted a Craigslist ad for someone to change my oil in exchange for sex. Greg replied but the shop was closed by the time I got there. We rescheduled for today.

I arrived and Greg was with a customer so Toby greeted me. Apparently Greg told him about me and he was more than happy to step in for his friend. Toby was not shy about sizing me up, like a wolf looking at his next meal.

Greg took my car for the oil change and Toby took me for a tour of the lot. We kept moving towards the far corner and I just kept getting wetter thinking of the possibilities! We wound up between two F150’s. That’s when the top of my dress came down. Toby played with my tits for a hot minute and then took his cock out.

Holy shit! His cock is perfect. I know, I like a lot of cocks, but I wanted Toby’s inside of me immediately. I took him in my mouth and began to suck up and down his smooth hard shaft when his phone rang. He had a client. Grrrrr.

Now I’m sitting here waiting for either Greg or Toby to finish with their client so they can finish with me. I’ll keep you in the loop.

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Office Sex (or, How Scott Lost His Kim Privileges)

Scott found out that I was back in town because he recognized me from the Craigslist post I made for a breakfast date. (Turns out I missed breakfast because Rich and his friends at the bar kept me out past 3 the night before.) I don’t normally meet the same guy twice, for a myriad of reasons. One reason is that it’s less exciting, no wondering who the guy is and what he’s going to be like.

The other is that they get to comfortable and start to take liberties. I had remembered Scott as a gentleman, so I took him up on his offer to fuck in his office on my way out of town. Office Sex is not Public Sex, but I was still revved up from the bar and thought it might be fun.

Scott greeted me at the entrance and walked me to his office. The lights were off, clearly we were alone, but his office was on the first floor and had a large window, so that was a plus. Scott said he follows me on Twitter and feels line my tits are like celebrities, that he should ask for their autograph! Funny!

Scott is very tall, so he sat on his chair and I stood in front of him so he could suck my famous tits. Then we switched and I sat in the chair and sucked his cock. When he was nice and hard he asked me to lay back on the desk so he could go down on me.

Scott licked and sucked me til I came. Being all wound up as I am, I came quickly and hard. I even surprised myself! I wanted him to fuck me but he wasn’t ready, and so he moved to the side of the desk and lowered his cock into my mouth. He was fucking my face and furiously fingering my wet pushy when he moaned “Don’t stop!”

This was not my first rodeo (I had been at the state fair just the day before) so I knew what that meant. The motherfucker was going to cum in my mouth! Without permission. No way was that going to happen, so I pulled out just in time for him to cum all over his desk. Bastard!

Let’s suffice it to say that next time I’m in town there will be no Scott stories.

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Three of Four: My Favorite Bartender

After Dean tongue lashed me on the bar and then fucked me, my favorite bartender, Rich, was ready to get in on the action. He was already rock hard, so he wasted no time putting the condom on and slamming inside me.  Using a bar stool to steady myself, my body absorbed each blow to my pussy.  

Rich is LONG and he was fucking me hard.  There’s something about a pleasure/pain situation that is so erotic.  I was so turned on, my third cock in as many hours!  I looked up to see Dean, standing there watching.  I needed his cock my mouth, so I motioned for him to come closer.

He was soft from just having fucked me to completion, but I felt his cock stiffen in my mouth.  I was having my first MFM in a bar!  This was a banner day!  So very very happy with the way my night turned out.

Rich fucked me til he came, pulled out and called Kyle over.  ”Kyle! Come talk to the pretty girl!”

Rich had told me that Kyle wanted to fuck me too, but he could barely look at me.  I said that if Kyle wanted to fuck me, he’d have to talk to me.  I didn’t think Kyle had it in him.

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Two of Four: Back at the Bar

As I said, I didn’t have a lot of of prep time, so in addition to hitting up Bob, I also texted Rich, the bartender.  Last time I was in town, he invited me to come to his bar and fuck whoever I wanted to, so I thought I’d see what he was up to.  He was working and wanted me to come by.  I asked Rich if there was anyone else at the bar who would want to fuck me and he said there was one that might be…good enough for me!

After I finished up with Bob (and Dan), I headed over to the bar.  I walked in and sat at the far end of the bar.  Rich was hassling this one guy at the end, and they seemed to be having some good natured fun, so I pulled up a stool next to him.  

Dean was funny, and maybe a little drunk.  I started up a conversation with him when Doug returned from his smoke outside and took up the seat next to me.  I apologized for taking his seat, but he said it wasn’t a big deal, and proceeded to stare at the TV.  Doug was not in a talkative mood, but Dean was making up for it.

I asked Dean if he knew how I knew the bartender.  He didn’t, so I told him to ask.  ”Craigslist” was Rich’s reply, which apparently was enough to give Dean the gist of the relationship!  It was at that point that Dean noticed he could clearly see my nipples through my sheer shirt.

I went out to my car to grab my phone and when I came back, Rich told me that Dean was into fucking me.  I took my seat at the bar and leaned over and took out a tit.  I asked Dean if he wanted to touch it, so he started fondling my tit at the bar.  You know how that drives me crazy.

I turned around and started talking to Doug.  He was mostly looking at the tv and not at me, so I pulled my yoga pants down in the back, so Dean could see my ass, and touch me if he wanted to.  He did.  I was having a conversation with Doug about cars while Dean was fingering me, right at the bar!  The bartender walked by and gave me a wink, so I guess it wasn’t as understated as I thought!

Doug said that he had to leave.  I said “so soon” and he said, “hell, give me a hug,” which I admit surprised me.  I hugged him and he said “oh, those tits!”  I pulled back and took one out, asked him if he wanted to touch it.  He did.  Then he kissed me and walked out.  Interesting.

It was down to me, Rich, Dean, another couple at the end of the bar and Kyle, the kid who, apparently, cleans up the place at the end of the night.  I’d had a few beers and was feeling frisky, so I took my tits out for Dean to play with.  He turned me around, so his cock was up against my ass, and played with my tits so the other couple could see.  They were watching/not watching, but clearly not freaking out, so I went for it.  I pulled my pants down and Dean fingered me with one hand and grabbed a handful of my tit with the other.

He whispered in my ear, “I want to put you up on the bar and eat you like you’ve never been eaten before.”  I looked at Rich, who’d heard, and he nodded.  So up I went, onto the bar.  Right there, on the bar Dean’s face was buried in my pussy and he was going to town!  Granted, the bar was nearly empty, but it was orgasmic having this dream of mine finally come true!  Being fucked AT the bar, not just the men’s room.  I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it now!

I came, hard and thought I should return the favor.  I slid off the bar and took Dean’s cock in my mouth.  I sucked him til he got hard and then put a condom on him.  His cock went into me so easily, with his spit and my ridiculous amount of wetness.  We fucked til he came.

Then it was Rich’s turn.

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One of Four: Bob at the Football Field

I’m traveling for work and changed my itinerary last minute.  Normally I don’t do “re-do’s” but I didn’t have a ton of notice and was super fucking horny, so I texted Bob.  I met Bob last time I was in town, he suggested a school park but the cops showed up and we got chased away.  Apparently he still wanted to fuck me at the park, so that’s where we met up.

I was also chatting with Dan, who suggested I call him during my adventure so he could listen to me getting fucked by Bob.  Sort of a two-fer!  I walked across the parking lot towards my date and dialed Dan.  I didn’t speak to him, I just dialed the phone.

I greeted Bob and we walked towards the football field.  I admit I was pretty excited to fuck under the uprights (and I was hoping he’d yell “TOUCHDOWN!” when he came), but there were two teenagers hanging out there.  Buzz kill.

We decided to go behind the equipment building.  I took off my pants immediately and then my top.  I dropped to my knees and took Bob’s cock in my mouth.  Normally, public sex is about being relatively quiet, but I knew we were far from anyone who would hear my moans and I knew that Dan would need a play by play.

Telling Bob how much I loved his cock (and I was not lying, it’s amazingly beautiful) and knowing that Dan was listening was such a turn on.  I wanted to fuck him, so he laid back and I put the condom on him.  I said, “I want it inside me!” loudly, for Dan and lowered my really wet pussy onto him.  I nearly came right there, perfect angle, perfect cock.

I rode him hard, trying to make it as loud as possible for Dan.  When I’m on top I can control where the cock hits me and I was able to cum.  I wanted Bob to cum on my tits, so we got up and he fucked me from behind until he was almost ready.  Then we took the condom off, and I sucked him until he shot all over my tits!  So hot!

I got dressed, he got dressed and we left.  I picked up the phone and asked Dan if he enjoyed listening to me.  He did!

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My 1st Random Public Sex

I was out at a bar with a chick I was friends with from Yahoo Chat (back when chat was mostly people and only one or two bots).  She and I did hook up once, but that’s a story for a different day.  Today’s story is about my first experience with random stranger public sex.  

Serena and I both worked in NYC at the time and would often go to post-work happy hour together.  This story happened at once such happy hour.  We were at one end of a small, divey, Manhattan bar having a drink, talking about men or sex or sex with men or what have you. I noticed this really hot guy at the other end of the bar, just hanging with his friends.  I pointed him out to Serena, jokingly saying, “now THAT’s a guy I’d fuck in the men’s room!”  She replied, “why don’t you?”  I didn’t have a sufficient answer to that, so I said, “let’s find out!”

I walked over to him and said “If you want, we can go down to the men’s room and fuck in a stall.”  He looked at me blankly, as if perhaps one of us didn’t actually speak English.  He blinked, blinked again and then followed me downstairs.  

The men’s room was empty, so we took one of the tiny stalls.  I dropped by pants, turned around and he started fucking me.  i didn’t really care if people knew, or heard, we were both pretty loud, but it was so hot to know I’d just picked this guy moments before and how his cock was inside me.  I could tell that men were coming in and out of the room, and I was pretty sure that one man was “watching” (his feet were facing the wrong direction, from what I could see).  It was driving me wild that I couldn’t tell if they could tell, but I just knew they did.

Eventually he finished and I pulled up my pants and left.  I think he was surprised that I just went back to the bar next to Serena.  I didn’t hang out with him, or ask for his number or even speak to him again.

Later, we were walking back to Serena’s place we passed him grabbing a slice at a pizza place…I yelled “Hey!” (because I didn’t know his name) and waved as I walked by.  He looked at me, puzzled, because, again, I didn’t stop or talk to him, or even ask for his name or number.  

But it was such a rush!  It was so awesome to just go, take what I wanted, and then leave it behind.  Was he funny? A good kisser?  A great potential boyfriend?  I didn’t care, I just wanted to fuck him, and I did.  And that’s where it all began!

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