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Ask Kim!

Kim. Would you like to meet for a President’s Day fuck? Was thinking you would enjoy a department store or a Barnes and Noble on a sale day. Lots of people sale-shopping. Great crowds to invigorate and make you wet while you’re taking my cock in the back of your throat. I’m young, fit, 8 inches, and a huge fan of yours. Let me know what you think I’m free all day.

I think it’s awesome that you want to honor our Founding Fathers this way.  I do enjoy a nice Patriotic Fuck, gets my Red-Blooded American juices flowing!  The mall, however, is a bit played out.  Got any other patriotic ideas?

I know it is cold out and you have a thing for cold weather outdoor activities! My Idea for a public encounter: There is a lake in Roxbury that has a trail around it. Across the lake from the trail there is a bar. I had in mind a show from across the lake. We could start in the bar, progress to the bathroom and finish up with a walk and performance from across the lake. I am really having a rough time explaining it. I am also game for being a fill-in if you have a cancellation.

“Lake” and “Trail” (like “woods” and “parks”) sound like places you go to hide the body.  Since I’m very allergic to being mass murdered, those just won’t do.  Also, while I do not mind the cold, I do mind frostbite, and that’s what happens when we expose our delicate areas to 16 degree weather.  Tell me more about the bar…

I’m serious about the library. If that’s something you would be into perhaps we could meet up for a little dewey decimal delight. What’s your favorite novel? Are you free next Monday?

Dewey Decimal Delight?  LOVE it!  I will say “the library” is one of the most common places men offer to meet me.  I could do a little sexy librarian action!  Let me work on that.

You are such a person I always wish to follow. You never get tensed words as you reply to anon. You have a classy attitude towards crap anons. You are so cool :) is fucking in balcony of main street apartment public sex or it’s not.? :)

Thank you!  Anon has actually been on his best behavior recently, I’m very proud of him.  Fucking on the balcony could be public, depending on the balcony.  But it also means that I have to go inside someone’s place to get to it (or in a hotel room, etc.).  Again, due to my allergy (see above) I don’t really like to go in private places alone with strangers to get to my public space.

Kim - This is a great blog - just found it today. I have some interesting ideas - not 100% sure if you’ve tried them yet. My office has an employee sitting within earshot - I also have a two way mirror in my office - theoretically an employee can walk in and see what’s happening. Food for thought. ;)

Two Way Mirror?  Isn’t that just a super shiny window?  Not sure how I feel about the office idea.  That’s also something that gets offered to me quite often.  I mean, it’s your job, you’re the one taking the risk that you’ll get fired.  However, I do worry about being seen “interviewing” for a position…if someone knows me they’ll either think I’m leaving my job or, after hearing suspicious sounds, wonder what position I’m actually interviewing for.

I have always want to fuck in a dressing room in a busy store like a macys or jc penny’s I think this would be so hot to make like your shopping and while im looking threw a rack of shirts to have a women in the rack that unzips my paints and starts to blow me. after sucking me for a bit im zipped back up and ready to try on some shirts we meet in the dressing room and fuck

I honestly have to say that I feel terrible that so many guys have not had this dressing room fantasy fulfilled for them.  Seriously, it’s like Macy’s wants you to do it, they make it so easy.  However, I can only do so many dressing room fantasies myself (and you know I’ve done quite a few).  Come on ladies, pick up the slack here and pick a guy (or four) to do this with!

I’d love to meet up with you sometime at a mall and have an encounter in a department store dressing room. No words, just two people on a mission to find a place to enjoy each other and then go our separate ways.

See the answer to the question above.

So just stumbled across your page and love the idea of it. And tons of ideas. I am actually a contractor that does most work in Monmouth and ocean counties. Maybe in a new house while other workers are around? Public laundry room on the dryer in a complex? Courtyard? Possibilities are endless. And if the conditions aren’t right, there’s always an Applebee’s nearby!

I like your flexibility!  It would have to be while others are around, otherwise you’re just taking me to an abandoned house to mass murder me.

God, I want to fuck your face and shoot my cum all over your awesome titties

That’s so romantic!  Thank you!

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More Questions from Anon

Question:  Well, not only did I wake up with the usual incredibly hard morning wood,but I happen to read your latest story about the strip club,& I swear my dick grew bigger & harder!You are so naughty, kinky,& fuckin hot! I’d love to meet you one day.I believe you once said you were at the Cheesequake rest area, & I just thought wish she had a flat tire,I came & changed it for you,then you repay me anywhere(no belt).

Answer: I would LOVE to do something like that!  Make it happen!

Question: Hey Kim. Been following you for awhile and we’ve chatted once or twice via various means, but we’ve never met. Anyway, this may not be your scene at all, but who knows? Have you ever thought of meeting up with someone for some fun at an adult movie theater? You seem to like the thrill of possibly getting caught, which will be missing here since we’d have an attentive audience. But maybe the idea of having an eager audience, and even your pick of the crowd, would offset that. What do you think?

Answer:  Adult movie theaters do freak me out a bit…it would be an attentive audience, but perhaps too attentive.  I’d have to go with someone I trusted to get me out of there if things got out of hand (literally), but I know I’d love it if I went!

Question:  Have you ever considered having sex on a NJ Transit train?

Answer:  I get asked this one a lot.  I know the idea of having sex on a train with a stranger is hot…REALLY HOT…but since I don’t travel by train the logistics of doing it don’t work for me.  (I have wait to get on a train, the guy has to get on the train, we have to find each other, then I have to get off the train and wait somewhere by myself for a return train…isn’t really my scene.)  I like something where I can just hop in my car and drive away when we’re done.

Question:  I fantasize about going to a business lunch where the woman is dressed up in a suit, stockings, and heels. To have a meeting where two professionals are so turned on at the table it makes them act so unprofessional. Not sure what it is about a professionally dressed women but to be able to caress your legs up to your thighs under the table and the anticipation makes it so hot for me. Not sure if we share the same fantasy but if you do maybe we can chat.

Answer:  I haven’t owned a suit in probably 10 years, so I don’t know that I can do that.  I will say that a man in a suit drives me crazy.  When I used to work in Corporate America back in the day I fucked a lot of suit-wearing co-workers.  I couldn’t help myself!  Maybe if I find myself needing a suit (which I hope never happens) we can revisit this!

Question:  How can I participate in your triumphant return?

Answer:  Come up with an amazing idea!  (and don’t send it to me as Anonymous!)  You’ll notice that I never post the questioners contact information in my answers…it’s not something I’d do.  (That’s why I answer like this, because many of you give your contact information in the message and I don’t want to share it.)

Question:  Do you ever come to the Midwest for business?

Answer:  I consider everything West of New Jersey and East of California to be the Midwest, so I’d need a little more detail…but generally no, I stay pretty local to NJ.

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Questions from Anon

While I’ve been away, the questions have been piling up…I’ll answer some of them here!  (I try to answer all the questions I can, but I can’t answer all of them.)

Question:  Hey Kim have you ever had an encounter with a military man? I had many fantasy thoughts like your encounters when I was in Iraq. Can you imagine no sex for a year?

Answer:  Please, never make me imagine that ever again!  I choose guys to meet based on their ideas for a public spot, so military or not, that doesn’t necessarily tip the scales.  However, if you showed up in full dress uniform or maybe in full fatigues that might tip the scales!

Question:  When you place your ads on Craig’s list how can I know it’s you for sure?

Answer:  Well, they’re pretty much the same ad over and over again (girl, wants to show you her tits in public, maybe more), so usually it’s me.  But you could always ask “Is this Kim?” and I’ll answer “Anonymous!!  So glad to hear from you!”  How’s that?

Question:  Public sex is my all-time favorite fetish but it’s so hard finding people with the courage to do it. The weather is still amazing right now, how would you like to hit up a local hiking trail at lunch? I work nearby and know the local trails well. It’s exciting not knowing if someone’s coming down the trail.  Is that something you’d be into?

Answer:  Due to my severe allergy to being mass murdered, I don’t go into the woods with strangers. 

Question:  Hi Kim! Love your little piece of the internet here, it feeds my voyeuristic tendencies nicely :) Have you ever considered trying to catch one of your escapades in Google Street view? I would think that would be one to strive for like that couple in Australia…

Answer:  Oh, that would be awesome!  Hmmm…now how do I get that done….

Question:  A comfy chair + fluffy pillow for you to kneel on + a bottle of nuru massage oil + your amazing titties + your wet mouth = my fantasy Saturday afternoon

Answer:  That sounds like I get a tit massage and you get a blow job…seems like a fair trade!  (If you’re as good at tit massage as I am at blow jobs, of course.)

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I’m Thankful for Strip Clubs

I said I’d try to make it back out there before Thanksgiving, and I made it by the skin of my teeth!  Yesterday afternoon I was talking with Jim about sexual experiences and the subject of Group/GangBang/Train sex came up. I said I’d done group sex (me, another chick and five guys) and a foursome (the Vegas Story), but never a GB or a Train.

So he got to thinking that I should…and started making a guest list in his head.  It was fun to think about, but to find the right place, that would be difficult given my parameters of no beds.

Cut to last night, I was out which is a rarity and my girlfriend wanted to go home early.  That was fine…I knew Jim was at a poker game not too far away and I figured I could go there and at least hook up with someone.  I texted him and half-jokingly said “If I came to your party, could we make it a train?" His answer? "Oh hells yeah…there are six horny guys here!”

They were playing poker in the upstairs room of a strip club that has small back rooms with couches for private play.  I got there and Jim had just left to get supplies (condoms and Listerine!), so I made a little small talk with the other five guy until he returned.

Jim walked in with a bag, went to the back room and then came and got me.  I took off my clothes and he took off his pants.  He was sucking on my tits and I was stroking his cock in no time.  As he started to get harder, I went to my knees to take him in my mouth.  I do love sucking his cock!  He stood me up, started sucking on my nipple while deftly putting the condom on.  Then he turned me around and slid his cock into my wet pussy…I was in heaven!  After Jim had his turn, he got dressed and left.  I did not get dressed.

I swished a little of the Listerine when the next guy came in.  He dropped his pants and his hands were all over me. So sexy!  Then his fingers were suddenly inside me, going to town!  Wow, that man had some talented fingers and he worked me til I came!  Then it was his turn.  First a nice blow job to get him started and then I put the condom on him and climbed on top.  While I was riding him, I noticed the curtain to the room kept moving…someone was clearly watching, or at least trying to!  So hot!  I rid him til he came as well, and then watched as he got dressed and left to get the next guy.

I was really doing this! So crazy!  The third guy came in and I was just casually standing there, naked, as if this was the most normal thing in the world.  He said “It’s finally nice to meet you, we’ve spoken online a few times…” and indeed we had!  So here I was, with my third guy of the hour, sucking and fucking…and I was so enjoying it!  Guy 3 had an amazing cock, I really loved sucking him.  Not as much as I loved having him pound it in me from behind.  He also is an ass slapper…not exactly my scene, but it wasn’t offensive and it was clearly getting him off, so I let him do it.

When Guy 3 finally came and was getting dressed, I checked the time.  WOW!  it was WAY later than I thought and I was going to have a hard time explaining this if it got much later…

So I bailed.  I know, you’re disappointed in me.  I could have fucked six guys in a row, but I only got three.  6 in a day would have beat my previous record of 5 for sure. 

At least the good news is, I am back.  And as I promised, before Thanksgiving.  Granted, it was a mere 25 minutes before, but before is before! I’m a girl of her word!

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I know, it’s been awhile…

I’m getting some messages about how I’ve been MIA for awhile.  A girl needs to take a break and recharge sometimes, you know!  Also, some of you have read the nasty/mean/stupid things some readers have written to me.  Kind of a turn off. 

Anyway, I know it’s more difficult when it gets colder for the guys, but I’m hoping to get back out there before Thanksgiving…so think good thoughts and an encouraging message or two wouldn’t hurt!

I got an interesting offer from a guy in a kilt that I’m considering, so I’ll have to keep you all in the loop on that one!


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Anonymous asked: Hey, Something about your posts reminds me of a local dancer who has me take off my belt before a LD. Any relation?

Considering I had to look up what “LD” meant (it’s apparently a lap dance, so the “dancer” in question is a stripper), I’m going to say no, no relation.  I do not “dance” and neither does my mom.  The rest of my relations are men, so I hope you don’t mean them.

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Questions from Anon (the normal one)

Anonymous asked you:

Do you have plan your public sex or it is all a spur of the moment “let’s do it now” kind of thing?

Sort of both…it’s hard to me to know really way ahead of time since my schedule changes a lot, but I also travel around so I sort of need to be in the right place at the right time.  It’s more of a “I have an idea, can you do today?” and my answer winds up being “yes!”

Have you retired from the “public” thing?

I’ve been “away” for a month…I’d hardly call that retiring.


I’d prefer you didn’t.

Any interest in a frat house gangbang?  We talk about you all the time you’re like our official milf mascot!

Aww…that’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!!  I don’t know that gangbangs are my scene, but I’d definitely consider it!

Not a question, but I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your entertaining stories, as well as many near-painful erections I need to hide under my desk at work.

You’re welcome!

I am the owner of an ice cream store in Edison, would you ever like to have sex after hours or in the bathroom during the day? I’d love to give you some ice cream and some of my cream. ;p

I do like cream…

Kim you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. My ex and I would have fun in all public areas from kendell park to edison. I hope I ever qualify for what you are looking for. But would it be possible to meet you over some drinks?


Hey sexy how could I go about meeting up with you?

Come up with a great idea and let me know!

You’re crazy. Aren’t you afraid of getting knocked out thrown in a trunk and never being seen again? There are a lot of psychopaths out there.

I am…which is why I’m pretty careful about who I meet and where I meet. 

as much fun as it is for all your great boob shots. Aren’t we neglecting the kitty? It’s been awhile since she made an appearance. When can we expect a much awaited preview?

You clearly have no idea how difficult to take self-pictures of your kitty.

Kim - If I get arrested on purpose, will you come and visit me for a conjugal visit?

Seems unlikely.

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Anonymous asked: Are you really going to post the video if he uploads it? I'd love to see it

Oh, Anon, you really are precious.  There was never any video.

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I was double teamed in a Winnebago…

….in Anon’s fantasy world. 

Oh, Anon, again, I’m not sure why you’re so unhappy with your life that you have to send me stuff like this, but I guess that’s your issue, not mine.  (That said, it might actually be time for you to consider seeing someone about it.)

For the rest of you happy, well-adjusted folks, here are the messages Anon sent me (in rapid succession) today.  If you have suggestions for Anon, as s/he clearly needs a hobby, let me know.  (I did not edit Anon’s messages other than to combine them here in an easy to read format and bold the Winnebago part.)

2:06 pm Hello Kim! I fucked you recently. Guess what? I was wearing a button camera and have great clear shots of your face! It’s a surprisingly high quality video and even has sound. Should I upload it to share with the world?

2:10 pm It’s a great little video that will make you locally famous and instantly recognizable! Not sure where I should upload it though. Do you have any suggestions?? Or should I delete it instead?

2:16 pm I guess you won’t answer these questions about the video that clearly shows your face sucking my dick before I stick it in your cunt on your public page! But if you’d like to discuss it further, post a fake story about you getting double teamed by two guys inside a Winnebago. Then I’ll know you got these messages and have thoughts about uploading this video or not! BYEBYE!

Anon, I do have thoughts about the video, thanks for asking…I say sure, upload away!  Just make sure you send me the link, so I can share it here on the blog. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would love to see me sucking and fucking.  I know I would!  Give me a way to contact you and I’ll send you my boss’ email so you can get him a copy too.  Why the heck not?  YOLO and all that shit.  (Plus my boss is hot, I’d do him in a heartbeat!)

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More Questions from Anon

(I wasn’t joking, Anon has been quite prolific recently.)

Have you ever given a public bj to a guy on his birthday? today is my birthday and my wife does not do oral.

I don’t know that I’ve ever done that specifically.  Sort of like a Singing Telegram, but more of a Blowing Telegram?  I could look into it.

Kim would you want to be a groupie for my band one night? There’re three of us and you can show us what’s what in our cargo van after the show in the crowded parking lot.

I’d generally say I can’t, as I have that “can’t go out at night” thing.  With enough notice, though, I think I could make that work.  Email me your touring schedule!

How would you react if you found out your husband lived a life very similar to yours? Like a Mr and Mrs. Smith situation, but instead of being spies, it’s being exhibitionists.

That would be amazing!  I hope it’s true!

You seem to have a lot of sex in public bathrooms. Would you consider kicking it up a notch and trying on a Jersey Transit train?

There is a fundamental problem with doing it on a train just for the sake of doing it on a train.  You get on the train, you do it, then you get of the train and awkwardly wait for the next train to arrive at the platform with the other person.  Not really my scene.  I like a more hit and run sort of thing, my own transportation, I can leave the moment I need/want to. 

Now, if I were going somewhere on the train and it happened to be that I met up with someone I could fuck on said train, I’d do that in a heartbeat.